What Not To As A Parent When Your Child Is Facing An Important Exam?

In today’s highly competitive world, facing examinations is no less that having to perform a Herculean task. Children are tested out from a very young age; and that too much more than they used to in the times of before. We all know that it is the duty of a child to study; and stop themselves from distractions. However, what should you, their parent, avoid doing? Here are a few things…

 Do not scare them or put pressure on them

 Most parents seem to think that talking constantly about the approaching exam will help their child study harder; but more often than not, especially when the exam is around the corner, this will only serve to make the child feel afraid and pressured. This, inevitably, will distract them from their studies, and might even make them fall sick. And this is regardless to the age group, gender or type of exam your child is going to face.

 Do not disregard their fears regarding facing a particular exam

 If your child approaches you, and talks of their fears regarding facing the exams in general, or a particular examination, then chances are that they are really worried about it; as if not, they might have not mentioned it to you. Rather than simply telling them they will do well in their up coming exam, try to eliminate their fears. If they feel they will not do well in their GP, consider providing them with GP tuition in Singapore. If it is only a single subject that they fear of not doing well, then consider finding a tutor who is willing to provide them with individual attention to that subject.

Do not talk of the expenses you are facing due to their studies

 Without a doubt, enrolling your child for individual tutoring at a tuition agency can be a little expensive; and so can enrolling them into a good college. However, the expenses you face is a subject you need to avoid talking with or around your child; as it might discourage them and distract them from their education. It might even make them guilty, and discourage them from wanting to study further inevitably telling their subconscious mind to do poorly in their exams to eliminate the possibility of studying further.

 Do not create situations that will distract them from their studies

 Let’s face it; when it comes to their education, even a plain wall can be distracting to them. However, if they are intent on studying, we as parents, should try our best to spare them from the distractions. Try not to have guests over if you know your child’s exams are approaching. Avoid arguing with your spouse as well; as even this can worry and distract them more than you think. Try to maintain a peaceful home¾at least for this duration.