Engaging In Infidelity – The Reasons Given, Rather Excuses Given

Every man and woman commit to a relationship promising explicitly or implicitly to stay loyal and faithful to the other person. In marriages the level of commitment is stronger. It goes to the next level when there are children in the marriage. Infidelity disrupts the relationship and ruins the entire foundation of the relationship and any outcome of it. Visit this link http://www.allinthefamilycounselling.com/ for counseling services.

Blind rage, feeling cheated and betrayed, loss of trust are a few reasons which lead to the end of the relationship when infidelity is committed. Infidelity counseling can be provided to the couples who are willing to work together, rebuild their relationship and save it.

What are the reasons, or the excuses that infidels give for engaging in an affair?

Eventual withering of the primary relationship

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The initial magic in the relationship may slowly wear out as life’s woes take their toll. The partners would start moving away from each other due to lack of intimacy. Eventually the relationship would become stale, wither away and die. The person may take their partner for granted which the partner would feel in need. 

This intimacy and involvement would be sought outside the relationship. Not talking to each other openly or lack of communication among the partners would lead to one or both the partners sharing their problem with an outsider. One or both the partners may feel neglected in the relationship owing to lack of understanding.

If the relationship is totally dead then the partner might use the affair as a means to end the primary relationship and enter a new one or stop committing to relationships.

Need for physical relationship, different lifestyle

Some people have high sex drive. They would not be satisfied in the relationship as their partner might not be interested or unable to match their expectations. Some people complain that their partners are mostly not interested in sex. Such people seek to achieve their desires outside the relationship.

Some people may be adventurous or would realize that the lifestyle they are following may not suit them and would feel uncomfortable. They would want to move out of the relationship.

Some people would be exacting revenge on their partners and would be doing so just to satisfy their ego or justify their actions as punishing the wronged partner.

Some people would be attracted to another person for no reason whatsoever. This might lead to them obsessing over that person.

Some people would seize the opportunity to win back their ex or someone splendid.